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Love a good beard? I mean, what’s not to love? They keep you warm in the winter, save you time on shaving, and can elevate your style to a whole new level. Though achieving a good beard is more complicated than it sounds. You need patience and an assortment of essential beard grooming products, ranging from oils and washes to balms.

Why? Beards can be itchy, and many men find that an uncomfortable nuisance. This is because many men experience a phase during the first few days of growing out their beard called “beard itch,” The skin underneath their beard is irritated by dust, dead skin cells, and food particles.

The best way to prevent beard itch is to clean it daily with facial cleansers and moisturising sprays that soften the hair. By cleaning your beard at least once every day, you can eliminate the materials trapped in the hair follicles’ roots and relieve yourself of any discomfort.

Sounds tiring, doesn’t it? Don’t use that razor just yet if you want to give up! Here are essential beard grooming products every man needs in their hygiene kit:


After a few weeks of growth (and washing and drying), your beard is enough to touch and scratch, but it still needs special attention. A beard balm is a tin or jar of salve that conditions and moisturises the hair to tame it, plus gives it some shape. 

Start with one scoop from a tin or jar of balm to keep your look under control. Melt the wax, butter, or whatever else is in the container. Finally, rub your hands together to work up an even coat of the cream and coat your facial hair when it’s dry. That’s all there is to it!


Beard grooming is not complete without the right brushes for the job! While learning to style facial hair, you will quickly see the value of a quality beard brush. Animal brushes can help get stray hairs in line and spread natural oils evenly through the beard. Plus, they can assist with removing dirt from your beard.


For newcomers to the bearded journey, the first product that you’ll likely hear about is beard oil—and for a good reason. Bearded men use oil to condition and soften their manes. Oils can also make beards look fuller, especially if you choose a quality blend.

Plus, your skin will enjoy moisturisation, too. Many men forget that their skin needs attention when surrounded by thick facial hair. When getting oils for beard grooming, they must be non-greasy and lightweight for a nourishing reaction.


Washing your face and neck is messy, especially when you have a beard. Food can get stuck in it and result in a weird look. Regular washing products strip the natural oils from your face and neck, resulting in flaky skin. Beard washes are specially formulated to clean your face and neck without over-drying it and causing flaky skin. The small amount of oil in the product keeps your face and neck hydrated throughout the day.

Get a Bear-y Nice Beard

The proper wash, oil, brush, and balm will keep your beard tip-top form. Like any part of your body, beard grooming is essential to maintain it daily or every other day. If that gets tiring, know that there are designated barbers who can do the work for you for a reasonable price for your lifestyle.

Set your appointment for beard grooming at Robbie’s Chop Shop today! We’re a modern barbershop that cares about beard grooming for all our customers. Walk in for a chop session and look like a million dollars! 

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