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While the trend in the corporate world appears to be toward the bearded man, you should still think about the type of beard you’re wearing for an interview.

Although the company in question is all about encouraging bearded men, that doesn’t mean that any beard will suffice for an interview. So, how do you groom your beard in preparation for a job interview, and where can you go for a beard trim in Adelaide? 

Stay Away From The Lumberjack

You may appear unprofessional if you have a scraggly beard. So, unless you’re going to chop down many trees, the mountain man beard look isn’t appropriate for an interview.

When it comes to attending an interview, professionalism is crucial. As a result, the last thing you want to do is show up for an interview with an unruly beard.

As a result, scraggly and lengthy beards are a no-no. If your workplace allows it, try using styling products like beard balm or beard butter to keep your beard in shape.

Eliminate Patches 

Patches on your beard are unattractive and give off an untidy, unprofessional vibe. If your beard always grows in patches before an interview, it’s preferable if you can figure out a technique to try to correct it.

Beard patches can be caused by heredity or other circumstances. Blow-drying, for example, can harm your beard over time, causing it to grow in patches.

You may need to select beard trim styles that accommodate spotty growth to solve the problem. Some people additionally apply a generous amount of beard growth oil to the spots to help them fill in. A derma roll could potentially encourage hair growth in the spots.

Beard Grooming

Even if you have the nicest beard that grows thick and full, you should groom yourself before heading in for an interview.

Make sure your beard is clean by using beard shampoo and conditioner, especially shortly before the interview. After all, the last thing you’ll want is beard dandruff falling or adhering to the corners of your beard during an interview. 

You should also check for unruly hair sprouting from your beard’s margins and wash it.

As a result, tidy off the edges with a beard trimmer. While you’re at it, ensure the rest of your body is in good shape, from your fingernails to your clothes.

Shaving is Permitted

It isn’t easy to believe that there is a job that requires facial hair. It would almost certainly violate any anti-discrimination laws. As a result, you may always trust that a clean shave is risk-free. It may be less innovative or fashionable, but it is the most solid fallback alternative available. 

If you’re still unsure, go ahead and shave. Don’t go for it if you want an edgy five o’clock shadow. When you walk through the door, make a smooth babyface. You might decide to grow your beard later, but it’s never a bad idea to take a safe bet for an interview.

Maintaining A Professional Looking Beard 

The days when wearing a beard to work or during an interview was deemed unprofessional are long gone. It is no longer frowned upon to enter an interview room with a full beard or stubble. When heading for an interview, make sure your beard is well-groomed and clean.

That should be plenty to get your facial hair through your next interview without incident. Take the time to perfect your face because every advantage helps. If that’s your thing, you can visit a beard barber and see how you can push the envelope with your beard once you’re in the door. Good luck with the interview until then!

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