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The answer to this question has been a topic of debate for many. While it does boil down to personal preferences, there could still be one common answer to this question. So, do women find beards attractive or not?

To begin answering this question, this article will first uncover possible reasons why women can find beards attractive and possible reasons as to why they don’t. Keep reading below to find out more.

Reasons Why Beards Are Attractive to Women

When it comes to why beards are attractive to women, there is more than meets the eye. Below, you’ll learn some of the more common reasons why ladies find beards hot.

1. Masculinity

While masculinity is just a more societal concept with not a single definition, traditionally beards are one of the many symbols of this. For some women, having a more “masculine” man is attractive and for these women, beards are a part of masculinity. While it may again depend on the preference of each woman, masculinity is definitely a factor that affects their perception of beards.

2. Maturity

Beards are linked to age (although some people cannot grow beards or facial hair even at an older age) and are then linked to maturity. Many women would love to be with someone who is mature enough to be responsible and in an adult relationship. Having a beard is linked to maturity, which could be why some women find it so attractive.

3. Mysterious

Many love a good mystery, and women are no exception to that. A beard gives off a sense of mystery because of how it partially covers the face of the man. This leaves some to the imagination of women and a lot of them would love to uncover a good mystery.

Reasons Why Beards Are Not Attractive to Women

Now that we’ve seen the reasons why women find beards attractive, let’s see some of the reasons why they don’t.

1. Unhygienic

A study shows that single women who want children show a general disliking of men with beards. Why? Because they fear lice and bugs that might be hidden in facial hair. While this may not be necessarily true for all women, it is indeed a valid fear. However, as long as you keep your beard clean then this should not be a necessary issue.

2. Messy

While not all women agree with the idea of lice or bugs in beards, some women just find it messy. They may think that having a beard is just not ideal for a clean look and would just prefer someone who is shaved.

3. Covers Face

Just as how some women like the mysterious vibe that beards give off, others think that beards cover the features of a man’s face. With that, they do not like the idea of beards because it does not show off how a man looks. Some women like to be able to see the look of their man and would love it to be highlighted without anything covering it.

Beards: Yes or No?

So do women like beards? The verdict is that it depends on a woman’s preference. It may be hard to determine one specific answer. Even if someone says they do not like beards, that preference may change at certain points of their lives or for certain people. In the end, the decision should be up to you and just make sure to keep it hygienic.

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