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Barbershops are known for providing extraordinary service for their customers, primarily haircuts and the usual shave. However, they are more than a place to get a cut and shave. Much like salons, they offer other services fit for men looking for some relaxation.

1. Classic Haircut

A classic haircut comes first on every barbershop’s list of offers when it comes to their essential services. Since they are known for their great haircutting techniques, it’s only logical for them to provide a classic haircut to customers—nothing too fancy—a basic cut with a sideburn trim and a few razor trims.

2. Fade Haircut

Some men are more adventurous than others. Therefore, an excellent barbershop should provide other services, such as a fade haircut for that hyper-masculine look or style. Although the faded hairstyle was once popular a long time ago, it has undergone multiple changes making it hip for the current generation.

3. Beard Grooming

There isn’t much time for self-love activities such as beard grooming for men on the go. However, the best barbershops handle the job like a charm—taking some tasks off men’s plates. Beard trimming isn’t anything new, but a trip to the barbershop may not be enough without it.

4. Straight Razor Shave

For men needing a cleaner look, a straight razor shave is all it takes to appear professional. However, using a razor might be tricky, especially if you’re not used to sharp tools and objects. Worst case scenario includes bleeding even at a slightly wrong angle. 

That’s why it’s better to leave everything to the experts. Barbershops offer straight razor shave to clients for an affordable price. What you’re paying for is your chin’s safety and the experience barbers learned over the years.

5. Colours and Treatment

The word pampering may not be part of the male vocabulary, but guys who do all the hard work sure do need it. What better way to relax and enjoy your time than by getting a new hair colour, a retouch, or a treatment for smoother and silkier locks? 

Although men don’t say it much, they still need a day off like everyone else. If you don’t like falling in line at a salon with women, then try to be where you feel safe and comfortable—a barbershop.

6. Kid’s Haircut

Not all barbershops provide kid’s haircuts. It’s understandable since they are difficult to manage, and there is a massive chance that children will end up with a razor cut from too much movement on a barber chair. 

However, some shops offer haircuts for kids, regardless of the children’s ages. But don’t expect anything extravagant. Most of the time, they only provide a chop or a trim.

7. Haircut Consultation

Sometimes, men need more than a cut or a trim. Other times, they need people to tell them what looks suitable for them or not. A good barbershop can help clients achieve their goals with their interests in mind. 

Through a consultation, barbers can ask their clients about their goals and preferences to develop a hairstyle or look to make them appear better overall. If you’ve been stuck with the same hairstyle for the past two decades, maybe a trip to the barbershop is all you need. 

More Than a Classic Chop

Barbershops are more than stores for getting a classic haircut. Instead, they have revolutionised over the years. They now provide more services and options for men other than a chop or a trim. As they become more open to change in style and looks, barbershops have adapted and became a one-stop shop for everything a man would need after a haircut.

Robbie’s Chop Shop offers the cheapest haircuts in Adelaide and surrounding areas. Although we are a traditional barbershop, we make sure to be flexible by providing other services aside from haircuts and beard grooming. Look your best by dropping by our shop today!

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