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Men are infamous for being hard-headed in changing certain things in their lives, especially when they hit middle age. Unfortunately, time will always pass—meaning they have to bend to the winds of change. Some people would argue that it will be hard to make a middle-aged man adhere to changes, but that’s far from the truth because many things can be changed in them, such as their haircuts.

Proper hair grooming is essential, regardless of age. For middle-aged men, it’s a crucial matter because they should be presentable at work—especially since it’s at this time that men are at the peak of their careers. Additionally, middle-aged men need to maintain their good looks to keep the spark alive in their marriage. While they can wear the same haircut they always get, switching things up is always a good idea.

This article lists some of the best hairstyles that middle-aged men can get, so read on below to learn more.

#1 – Classy Drop Fade with Side Part

The drop fade and side part will fit any man because it makes a person look cool. For men in their 40s, it comes with the bonus of having a youthful appearance that’s reminiscent of their younger years.

#2 – Silky Push Back

The silky push back hairstyle has been known to be around since the 18th century, meaning it’s as old as it gets. It’s an easy hairstyle that won’t go out anytime soon, and it’s here to stay for the years to come.

#3 – Parted Pompadour

For those going through a mid-life crisis, the parted pompadour will look good on them because it’s neat, stylish, and makes a man look young.

#4 – Neat Thin Hair Pompadour

Thin hair is a massive sign of aging that many middle-aged men actively try to avoid. Naturally, it can’t be stopped—but a pompadour will give thinning hair definition, which can elevate its look.

#5 – Old Man Steve Rogers

The Old Man Steve Rogers hairstyle is precisely what it sounds like—the look of a retired superhero who has settled down to be with family. All you need to do is to use hair products to give it a shine, and you’re all set.

#6 – Modern Elephant Trunk

Just because a man reaches middle-age doesn’t mean he can’t have fun. The modern take on the elephant truck will give a mature, stylish look with shades of grey on the quiff similar to superheroes like Doctor Strange or Mister Fantastic.

#7 – Wavy Textured Thick Hair

This cut is perfect for middle-aged men with thick hair because the waves curve well and flow seamlessly to beards to give off a classy look.

#8 – Side-Swept Combed Modern Ivy

Ivy League graduates are known to age well because they’re up to date with modern trends. To complete the trendy look, middle-aged Ivy League graduates benefit from a side-swept combed hair because it presents a stylish middle-ager look.

#9 – Brushed-Off Top

Brushed-off tops are popular among middle-aged men who are still active in sports. Its selling point is that it’s low effort and takes little time to prepare. If hair gets too long, it’s also not a problem because you can still style it the same way.


Even if a man hits his middle ages, that doesn’t mean he can’t look youthful. It’s highly encouraged to look the part so that the pressures of middle age won’t get to them, and the ones we listed above are perfect for any middle-aged man.

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