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Your hair and shaving style are ways for you to convey who you are to the world. Clothes may maketh the man, but the harmony and balance between your facial hairs constitute a majority of the appearance package. As a result, mixing the right amount of hair and the right amount of beard is crucial.

One of the most common beard grooming blunders men make is failing to recognise the significance of the beard-to-hair ratio. What exactly is it? Why is it important? And how can you avoid looking like a fuzzy tennis ball? Read on!

What’s All the Fuss With Beard-to-Hair Ratio?

According to barbers and stylists, your hair texture, hairdo and beard style determine the ideal beard length. Longer hair looks well with short beards, whereas short hair looks best with medium to long, thick beards. Furthermore, many beard styles need considerable length to be styled appropriately.

As a result, the optimum beard length is a bit of a myth, as everyone has their own distinctive style choice. However, there does appear to be an “attractive ratio” of facial hair.

Perfecting the Beard-to-Hair Ratio

Not everyone can grow the thickest beard hair, but it isn’t as crucial as designing your beard to complement your face shape and hair type.

Short Hairstyles

Some guys are particular about their beard hair since it does not have the same proportions as their scalp hair. At the same time, others are preoccupied with spotty or slowly growing beards.

When you have short hair, such as a buzz cut or crew cut, a long, thick beard helps to balance out your appearance.

Medium Hairstyles

This is where things start to get interesting, and you have more possibilities for your facial hair. Anything from a clean-shaven face to a long beard can work here; however, try to establish a balance; for example, if you have thick, shaggy black hair, don’t grow your beard too much – it’s overkill.

We’ve seen shorter beards and jagged, textured hair this year — combine the two, and you’ve got a well-balanced appearance that appreciates the best of both worlds.

Long Hairstyles

You can pull off various beard styles if you’ve grown out your hair long, but we always appreciate seeing a very long beard to match. A long, thick beard will make your friends envious and will assist in boosting your masculinity. Just be sure to apply healthy beard oil daily and comb it at least once a day as it grows. This will maintain your beard free of knots and damage, preventing you from having to shave it all off prematurely.

Other Ways to Keep Your Facial Hair Stylish and Healthy


For many guys, their hair colour often does not match their beard colour. If you want to match your beard to your hair, use a colouring product that isn’t too harsh to prevent your facial hair from becoming damaged.

Don’t Let Up on Hair Care.

Don’t scrimp on your men’s hair care regimen. Clean and conditioned hair is required for the desired appearance. So use the best natural shampoo for men and a natural hair conditioner for men in your regimen. Most men should wash their hair every other day; however, you may need to wash it more or less frequently, depending on your hair type. And condition your hair around 2-3 times each week to keep it shiny and prevent it from becoming greasy or dry.

Beard Care Matters, Too

As you grow out your beard, be sure to maintain your whiskers looking good. To maintain your facial hair smooth and shiny, use natural beard oil to treat and moisturise it. Beard oil also moisturises the skin behind your beard, which may become dry and flaky if not adequately cared for.

Get Your Ratio Right

With so many beard styles to pick from, deciding on the ideal appearance for you might be difficult. However, before attempting a new appearance, it is critical to analyse your current hairdo, ideally with the help of your barber. This approach will help you achieve a faultless, non-conflicting look.

For more advice and tips on beard grooming and styling, head on over to Robbie’s Chop Shop! Your beard barber is the expert on perfecting the beard-to-hair ratio, so you don’t have to. So, book an appointment and look your best today!

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