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After last year’s debacle caused by the coronavirus pandemic, 2021 is an excellent year for you to start taking care of yourself again and getting back to your “A-game.” People love men who can take care of themselves and make a reasonable effort to look presentable. From shaving or shaping your beard to getting one of those cool haircuts for men, good grooming goes a long way to help you make a good impression on other people, whether it’s for work or socializing. Here are some of the best grooming tips every man should follow this 2021.

Groom Your Beard

Beards are something uniquely masculine that can either give you a more chiselled look or a dishevelled appearance. With people getting locked inside their homes for more than a year, beards are actually back in style once more. You should take advantage of that by grooming your beard and turning it into an asset. This year, you can opt for a stubble look and get rid of a full-grown beard.

Start by getting a couple of beard grooming products to help maintain your new bad-boy look. We recommend getting products like beard oil, beard balm, and beard moisturizers to give you a beard you’ll be proud to wear.

Remember, shorter and well-groomed beards are this year’s fashion statement, so make sure you maintain that beard to look good and tidy at all times. Try scheduling a reservation with your favourite barber so you can make sure that your beard looks dapper and up-to-date. After that, it’s all a matter of maintaining your beard until your next barber appointment.

Cut Your Hair

Speaking of a barber appointment, it’s time to give yourself an entirely different look. As far as men’s haircuts go, you can follow the current trend for longer hairstyles, but it might not be easy to manage, consider your daily job and routine. Getting a shorter style for a more clean-cut look is always an option if you want to reduce your hair rituals in the morning.

Having shorter hair allows for quick showers and effortless drying. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to take care of your hair. Like any part of your body, it still needs to be treated with the respect and care it deserves.

Focus on Skin Care

Most men take their skin care routines for granted. In fact, not a lot of men have an existing skin care regimen. This needs to change as you need to take good care of your skin just as much as women do. Having glowing, healthy skin is a must regardless of your gender. It doesn’t have to be an extensive skin care routine, so a simple one will do as long as it covers the basics, such as washing your face twice daily using an all-natural facial wash. After washing your face, apply a mild moisturizer to hydrate and protect your skin. We recommend using a product that has SPF, so you have added protection from the sun. Don’t forget to exfoliate at least twice every week to scrub away any dead skin cells. After that, you’re good to go!

Enhance Your Appearance with Proper Grooming

People need to look their best, not only for aesthetic reasons but also for hygiene purposes. It only makes sense to establish your own grooming routine to make yourself look good and feel good at the same time. Follow these grooming tips, and you’ll have a better sense of confidence than you ever have before.

Robbie’s Chop Shop is a haven for men’s style and grooming where the fades are fresh, and the shaves are hot. Our traditional-looking barber shop offers a modern twist with the help of our master barbers. Whenever you’re looking for a beard barber or a stylist you can trust, visit Robbie’s Chop Shop in Adelaide. Book an appointment today!

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