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Gender differentiation in cosmetic products is a significant issue more people should talk about. Although marketing tells customers that there are specific products for men and women, there isn’t much difference between the products promoted. However, it should be about using hair products and techniques to ensure the hair stays healthy and blooms. But how should men maintain their hair’s overall health? Here are some tips from Adelaide barber.

1. Avoid Sulphates and Parabens

These are the two main ingredients in most men’s shampoos, which help to give men a more substantial, cleaner feel to their hair. However, these two do more damage than good. Products containing sulphates are harsh detergents that remove oil from the hair and wash it away.

Constant use of products with these ingredients can result in dry, damaged hair strands and cause breakage. Parabens in shampoos contain chemicals that can transfer into the bloodstream, causing possible hormonal disruptions that could affect male fertility.

2. Never Scratch the Scalp

Scalp scratching is one of men’s biggest no-no’s. It will lead to an unsightly lathering of dandruff flakes that will end up on the shoulders, which is not a good look. It might give the impression that you are trying to hide something, like a bald spot, which can be a turn-off to the opposite sex. Men shouldn’t scratch their scalps harshly because it can damage their hair follicles, causing hair loss over time. If there is an itch, men should use gentle shampoo and natural products instead of scratching their scalp.

3. Always Condition Hair

Conditioning hair is not just for women. Men need to condition their hair from time to time. The best way to do this is to go to the barbers and get a deep conditioning treatment once a month. As a result, the process should help keep the hair healthy, shiny and full. Additionally, using a combination of shampoos and conditioners will maintain healthy hair. In return, the hair will be soft, smooth and silky. It would then be easier to comb for an all-day clean-looking style.

4. Dry Hair Before Combing

Instead of combing wet hair, men should wait for the hair to dry. That way, men can comb their hair quickly and naturally. With damp hair, it will be challenging to get a tangle-free style. Dry hair also makes it easier to create a style that will last all day. But if there is an urgent situation and he cannot wait for the hair to dry, he should use a comb with wide teeth and gently comb the hair.

5. Use Natural Products

If men are not sure which shampoos or conditioners to use, there is no need to worry. Choosing organic and natural hair and skin products is a good idea to avoid potentially harmful ingredients. If a man decides to buy his products from a health food store, he will be sure to get a product free of toxic substances and additives.

People can find unnatural ingredients in most regular shampoos and conditioners. These elements could cause hair loss and breakage, resulting in dry, damaged hair. If a man uses a product with natural ingredients, then these benefits will be passed on to the hair, minimising frizziness, frizz and dryness.


All men should be concerned about their hair because it plays a big part in their overall appearance. As this post highlights, there are many things they should avoid when it comes to hair care. Men should make sure that they are looking after their hair health in the right way. The right products and techniques will make it easier to create a great hairstyle. It will also minimise any damage caused by using the wrong products.

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