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Managing men’s hair is different from maintaining women’s hair. As men’s hair is generally coarser and thicker, handling it can become a struggle for most men. However, there are various techniques they can use depending on their hair type. As a result, it makes managing and maintaining easier in the long run. But how should men style their hair depending on its type? Here are some ideas.

1. Straight

The first and easiest men’s hair to style is straight, especially if it is very long. It is suitable for men to wear casually and naturally. Those who want to make a bolder style can use styling products to give it the curl and wave they desire. It is a good idea to use a hair serum or a light gel to give it a little extra volume.

Men who have straight hair can wear it in a classic style. It is easier for them since it is a little easier to manage but needs a little more care, but it is not as hard to maintain. If a man wants to wear it in a classic style, he can wear it longer. It is more forgiving when it comes to styling straight hair. Men can style it differently, but it is best to avoid a messy look.

2. Wavy

Wavy hair is a little harder to manage than straight hair, but it is easier to maintain. It requires a bit more styling, but it is easier to do so. A little gel and a comb are everything it takes to style wavy hair. It can be styled in different ways and worn loose or in a classic style. Unfortunately, it is not as forgiving as the other two. If styled in a messy mane, it can look unkempt and untidy. Therefore, keeping it in a classic style with a side part is best.

3. Curly

Men with curly hair need to know that they have many more styling options than straight and wavy hair. However, they are more challenging to maintain than the other two. It can require unique products like mousses and serums. Styling it is not as hard as it is for those who have naturally straight hair. If a curl is left alone, it will bounce back to its normal position. There are various curly styles that men can rock. From the quiff to the pompadour, it is a popular hairstyle amongst men everywhere.

4. Kinky

Kinky hair is one of the most difficult to manage. But since it is pretty thick, it is not as challenging to maintain. It can hold its shape longer than the other three. A good hair product is all it takes to style it differently. A gel and gel spray are what is needed to style it differently. Men with kinky hair can style it in three ways: a classic style, a messy look, or a wild look. It is suitable for men who love a little spotlight.

5. Coloured

Some men have coloured hair, such as those who have black or dark brown hair. They can style it in a classic or a classic look with a touch of colour. It is not as hard to maintain as they appear. A little gel such as a matte pomade is all it takes to style it in different ways. Those who want a little flair can style it in a messy mane that becomes suitable for rocking a wild look. However, remember that it is not as forgiving as the other styles.

Capping It Off

As a man, it is essential to know the different styles of his hair and choose the one that suits him. If he feels confident, he will have no problem maintaining it. They can easily style men’s hair, but men need to know the various options of their hair to style it. They also need to choose a style suitable for their personality and that they can handle easily. Once a hairstyle is selected, the only thing left to do is to maintain it.

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