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As a modern man, finding a cheap haircut in Adelaide is easy, but it can be overwhelming to shop from various options available for styling hair.  There are multiple brands and types, not to mention the different effects available. Finding the right one can be challenging, but it gives men more options. Whether you want something shiny, matte, straight, textured, or unstructured, there’s a product for you.

Pomade and clay hair products have been popular since the 60s and have grown in popularity. The pomade is used to slick back the hair in that retro Wall Street look, while clay styling products have more recently emerged as an innovative product. But which one is right for you?

Pomade for You

Pomade is a highly versatile styling product. It can be water-based, which maintains a hold for long periods but rinses out quickly, or oil-based, which holds better but must be washed out with difficulty. However, its oil-based form means that less product is needed to achieve your desired look even after a cheap haircut in Adelaide. 

Both types of pomade dry slower than other products, allowing you to change your style throughout the day. They are versatile and can achieve a shiny, slick finish, perfect for styling dry hair. With pomade in your hair, you’ll give dry hair the vitality to keep it looking healthy, even after getting a haircut!

Okay, What about Hair Clay?

The word ‘clay’ has more than just a description of the product’s texture. Most hair clay comes with bentonite; a clay formed naturally from volcanic ash. When exposed to water, bentonite expands into a barrier against liquids to help keep your hair in place come rain or shine.

Other hair-styling products can help you reach that shinier look if that is what you want, though. Hair clay is best used for a matte-finish style to make your glorious mane look fuller, thicker, and well-constructed. Therefore, this type of product does not result in a shiny appearance.

Which Product Should You Use after a Cheap Haircut?

The great thing about pomade and clay is that they’re both suitable for long and short locks. The critical difference is how you want your hairstyle to look.

Clay is a multi-purpose product used on short or long hair. Longer hair will maintain a volume but also look untamed. Clay is a good choice for short hair because of its grip. Pomade gives an extra shine, but it provides less volume than clay. Pomade is designed to create the perfect slick look for men who like to keep their appearance neat.

On the other hand, pomade is more versatile than clay, so it can help you achieve many different hairstyles. Applying a cent-sized portion of pomade to damp, towel-dry hair will result in a much smoother and shinier result. You might sacrifice the strong hold that clay provides, but the result is purely for style. 

If you want a style that stays in place all day long, apply pomade to dry hair for a slightly more textured look. If you’re going to create a brilliant shine, use some of the pomade to damp hair and comb it through with your hands; it gives an excellent shine once it dries!

Now, when you want the best of both worlds, experiment with mixing both in your palm and running them through your luscious locks. You’ll get a firm hold and a bright sheen for your hairstyle.

The Final Cut

Ultimately, your use of pomade or clay will fall flat without the right haircut. These products mould your hair into your desired shape and direction, and you’ll need a good barber to do just that. So before you pick a hair product, choose a professional hairstylist that knows how to create the best styles for your head.

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