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If you haven’t washed it up in a while, behind every great beard is great skin…and maybe a few dried up pastry crumbs. Whether or not you wash your beard depends on many factors: your skin type, the length of your beard, your hair type, the size of your commute or how much you eat garlic. But some essential tips for beard grooming include using a beard shampoo with natural ingredients and using it about once a week during a more extended beard-growing phase.

Beard Grooming Begins with Your Skin Type and Products

Washing your beard depends on your skin type. If you have dry skin, you’ll want to wash your beard, so you don’t strip it of its natural oils. If you have oily or a combination of oily and sweaty skin, you may want to wash your beard more often to keep it from getting too oily. However, you’ll have to experiment with different wash routines until you find what works best.

Beard Grooming Continues with Your Hair Type and Products

If you have a coarse, thick beard, you’re likely to have a drier beard than someone with thin hair. To keep your hair moisturised, wash it less often. 

Conversely, if you have thin hair, your beard may be oily or a combination of oily and sweaty, which can withstand more frequent washings. Therefore, adjust your routine to see what works best for you.

Beard Grooming Also Includes Your Lifestyle and Environment

The climate of your city or country can play a significant part in the beard quality and care you require. Dry environments draw moisture from your skin and beard, so you need the natural production of sebum to balance out the impact of environmental factors. You could stick to washing your beard one to two days a week and always follow up with a beard conditioner. A standard wash will help you keep your face clean and remove any flaking skin or gunk that might build up in your facial hair.

The exact opposite happens In a wet or humid climate. Although it’s great not to have a dry, brittle beard, you’ll notice the need for frequent washes due to dirt, debris, and excess oil production in this environment. Using a beard wash more often will prevent inflammation, ingrown hairs, and acne.

Finally, we need to include other factors when we operate our lives, such as exercise, workplace activities, and nutritional intake. 

  • The more physical activity you do in your work or training, the more frequently you must use beard wash. 
  • A person with a more sedentary lifestyle will not need to use beard wash as often. 
  • A balanced diet and proper hydration can keep your skin and beard healthy. However, this will lead to a balanced approach to beard grooming.

What Products to Use and Not Use

For starters, avoid hair shampoo for beard grooming. All shampoos contain detergent, and detergent strips the sebum from your face, removing the oil from your hair.

Always use beard-specific products like beard shampoos, beard oil, and beard conditioners. 

A proper beard grooming routine should include the appropriate use of these products to cleanse the hair and nourish the skin. Applying a beard oil post-wash will rehydrate the strands and the skin below them, leaving them softer, with less dandruff, and less prone to itching.

Take Beard Grooming to the Next Level

Unlike head hair which faces most wear and tears situations such as the sun and other harsh elements, beard hair is much more delicate. Thus, beard grooming requires specially-designed products to maintain its sheen and health. Always purchase products for your facial hair so it remains tip-top shape!

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