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Everyone desires the ideal hairstyle, but not everyone possesses the hair type necessary to pull it off. Essentially, you must discover a style that complements the hair you have been blessed with (or cursed with, depending on your perspective). If you have thick, wavy hair, you’re probably familiar with poofy hair that refuses to stay put, appears to have its mind and goes wherever it pleases. While it may seem impossible to change, styling stubborn hair may not be that difficult at all.

There are numerous thick and wavy hairstyles to choose from, but the overall concept is to embrace the waviness and create visually exciting yet playful looks. This article will discuss how to manage wavy hair frustrations – and no, buzzing it all off is not the answer. 

1. Wavy Hair

Men’s wavy hairstyles can appear bulky. They are weather-dependent, becoming more noticeable during high humidity or drizzle periods. If you have one of the many famous long men’s haircuts these days, other waves can form in unexpected places and become knotted and tangled.

Almost any style will work for wavy hair, but brushing it can create a lovely wave pattern. The icing on the cake for the hairstyle will be removing excess bulk with thinning scissors or a razor while maintaining a frizz-free finish.

2. Curly Hair

Curly hair has a coarser texture by nature, and coarse hair retains less moisture, making it dryer. Hair can be curly due to the curvature of the follicle that grows beneath the scalp.

The disadvantage of curly hair is that it absorbs light rather than reflects it. As a result, it appears uninteresting. Additionally, it can become frizzy in humid weather, so protective products like setting sprays are critical.

Because curly hair is more relaxed when wet and slightly springs back when dry, cutting curly hair in the dry state ensures that the desired style and length are achieved. Keep your hair short and use any relaxing treatments.

3. Thick Hair

The primary issue with thick hair is its inability to be managed and its sheer volume. Balding individuals can become irritated when individuals with thick hair complain about their hair’s thickness. However, the issue of which hairstyle is most appropriate for our style and comfort can be a problem.

Those who have thick thatch understand the effort required to maintain the hair and the level of annoyance. For this reason, you need to gauge if a more difficult hairstyle is worth it. If you must blow-dry your hair, use a cool setting. Blow-drying at high temperatures can cause your hair to become thicker. Request that your barber or stylist use thinning scissors to assist you in losing weight. Slightly shorter hairstyles benefit thicker hairstyles.

Pull of the Best Hairstyle Today!

The most obvious and straightforward way to manage thick, wavy hair is to keep it short. By shortening your hair, you eliminate excess waviness and make it more manageable. If you have shorter hair, high-hold products will also help you achieve the desired look and maintain it throughout the day. Shorter hairstyles benefit from a blow dryer because it enables you to achieve the desired style without using any product; the styling product will be used to complete the look and keep it in place.

Whichever style you choose, ensure that it is cut or shaped only after completely drying. Since curly hair is more relaxed when wet and slightly springs back when dry, cutting it in this manner ensures the desired style and length.

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