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The world has shifted a whole lot in the last two years or so. One thing that’s certainly not changed much is the need to work. An interview is still the first step towards getting hired, too. Needless to say, it’s important to put your best foot forward during any interview that you’re going into. This includes the state of your grooming.

Now, the big question: what should you do with your facial hair? Will you have to do anything about it at all? If you shaved your beard off as a precaution and it turns out that you didn’t need to, don’t fret! 

The best thing about dealing with a beard in terms of job interviews is this: it will grow back. 

Be Your Best Self…Comfortably

There’s no beating around the bush: it all depends. A clean-shaven face used to be seen as the default in terms of workplace professionalism. That was then; modern times sees some changes in the corporate setting. Beards that are well-groomed are often seen as just as acceptable today. 

The rules for beards vary on factors like industry, environment and even company culture. So figuring out what to do with your facial hair is no longer a simple, single-shot endeavour. 

Read on to learn more about determining whether to shave before an interview or not:

Consider the Position

You need to think about the specific position you are applying for based not only on professionalism but also on things like job requirements. What will you be doing if you get the job? Let’s say you’re applying to work in the food or health industry, and you have a big, bushy beard. Well, it may be more beneficial for yourself and others that you shave before an interview dealing with such paths. This is because these industries deal with strict sanitation standards, and microbial matter can hide in thick beards.

Explore LinkedIn

If you want to figure out a company’s stance on beards without directly asking, do your own research. You can do this rather conveniently by going on LinkedIn. Check the male employees of the company who have beards in their profile photos. A good ratio in terms of facial hair on men would be around 10%. That’s your safe threshold for not shaving before the interview. 

With that in mind, it goes without saying that if hardly anyone has a beard, then shaving is your best bet.

If It Looks Like Beards Are Allowed, Groom Accordingly

Few things are more unprofessional in terms of beards other than clearly untidy ones. The “caveman” beard is not ideal for an interview in any case. Walking into an interview with an unkempt beard is not just unprofessional, but also disrespectful. Long, scraggly beards are not acceptable under any circumstances.

Even companies that allow long beards will require some finesse. Styling products can make all the difference. There are bound to be free resources online to help with beard care and styling if you’re unfamiliar. Don’t worry about it too much; just be sure to keep things neat.

So, Should You Shave Your Beard or Not?

Clean-shaven was previously the acceptable default for a job interview. Over time, the tradition has changed, and people have taken a more modern viewpoint. If anything, a beard or moustache is seen as an extension of self-expression. Ideally, it offers a major boost in a person’s self-confidence as well. The answer depends entirely on what your research tells you. 

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