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If there is one situation that many of us can agree on as one of the scariest experiences ever, it is getting a bad haircut at the absolute worst time possible. Many of us have already experienced this, and the sad part is that it might not be the last time either. That attempt to try something new always seems to result in disaster, and even something as simple as a hair trim can leave you looking like you’re from the planet Vulcan from a particular space exploration TV series.

Fortunately, here’s the good news: bad haircuts won’t have to be something you have to deal with for the rest of your life. There are some things you can do to ensure you get the perfect haircut every time, and it all lies in how you talk to your barber.

Today, we’re going to tell you exactly how to talk with your barber to ensure the perfect haircut:

1. Know the haircut lingo

First things first, do you know the haircut lingo? Do You know the “number 1,” “number 2,” “number 3,” and so on? If you don’t, then now’s the time to learn. The numbers can go all the way from one to eight, and the higher the number, the longer the hair you have left. For example, if you go for a number one, you will have an eighth of a centimetre of hair left. On the other hand, the number eight will leave you with a full centimetre.

Of course, if you are still unsure of these terms, feel free to ask the barber you are working with. They’ll let you know exactly what different terms mean, and they may even give you a brief example of what lengths you can expect from the different numbers.

2. Know how to ask for a good haircut

Okay, now you roughly know what the “numbers” mean, now you need to know exactly how to ask your barber for a good haircut.

Whether you’re going to the barber for the first time after months of not cutting or simply there to try something new, you will need to first prepare by having a hairstyle in mind. Nothing is more infuriating to a barber than a “whatever looks good” answer. Also, don’t simply go there and say, “Oh, I want a green fade.” The answer is too general! However, if you were to bring along a picture, it could be the difference between a decent haircut and an amazing one.

Also, do a little research as to the different hairstyles you can opt for. This can include a combover, a crew cut, an undercut, a buzz cut, a caesar cut, and more. The more hairstyles you know by name and by look, the easier it will be to explain and show in a picture what kind of hairstyle you want!

Be Prepared before You Go to the Barber!

The takeaway from this article is this: be prepared before you go to your barber! Knowing the barber terminology and having a picture ready will ensure that you know exactly what to tell your barber what kind of hairstyle you want once you arrive at the barbershop. This also applies when you want to colour your hair or do anything else with it. By giving them a visual representation of what you have in mind, the easier it is for them to make magic happen on your head, and the likelier you will be to walk out of the barbershop proud!

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