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Those flakes you see under your beard and on your face are caused by the same issue that makes your scalp flaky. You can blame your resident microbe, Malassezia globosa. As it wriggles around and consumes products from your sebaceous glands, it leaves behind an oily byproduct, oleic acid, which might trigger an irritating reaction in some people. They experience a chronic itch and proceed to scratch their skin, generating flaky dandruff.

Bearded gents are no strangers to this problem. No shame in having a winter wonderland on your face. We’ll clear that condition up and restore your beard to its former glory. If you’re dealing with the dreaded beard flakes, here are a few things you can do:

1. Make Sure You Exfoliate

Just because your face is under a beard, doesn’t mean it’s exempt from exfoliating. If you’ve been trying to mow down the beard flakes with your regular face wash, it’s time for a change. The main reason for the flakiness is the sebum that builds up and is not shed off your face. This clogs your pores and causes a problematic buildup.

Use an exfoliating scrub to reveal soft, new skin. This will help freshen the skin under your beard and maybe even restore your glow.

2. Keep Your Beard Clean

The oils that cause the flakes are the same ones that keep your beard healthy and shiny. If you’re observant, you’ll notice that the oil tends to gather in the same areas as the flakes.

Washing your beard may seem counterproductive, but leaving those oils to buildup will eventually cause flaking. Don’t worry; your beard will be able to produce more oil for your health.

3. Moisturise Daily

This may seem like a no-brainer, but moisturising the skin under your beard can do wonders for you. The first step is to find a product that works for you.

For some guys, oil-based moisturisers work best, while others prefer a cream-based product. You may also find a beard balm that is specially designed to coat the hair shaft, preventing breakage from the same oils that affect your skin.

4. Condition Your Beard

Dandruff under your beard can be caused by a dry, damaged hair shaft. By applying a gentle conditioner to the beard and the skin underneath, you can restore the health of both.

Conditioners also help restore the natural oils that your beard produces in a gentle, non-greasy way.

5. Be Consistent with Beard Care

One or two applications of any of the above methods aren’t going to get rid of flakiness. If you’re serious about eliminating the flakes, you’ll have to stick with these precautions for the long haul. You’ll find that the flakes will slowly taper off as your skin is acclimated to its new normal.

A Beard That Won’t Quit

A flaky, itchy beard is an unfortunate side effect of having a poorly maintained beard. You’re a lucky guy to have access to a number of products that can help you maintain a healthy beard. Those beard flakes are on the back burners now.

Come to us for a beard grooming session that will leave your face fresh, and your beard clean! Visit us in our shop in Adelaide where men come to kick back, relax, and look good. Set an appointment today!

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