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Having a slick haircut and a clean beard is a combo most men fail to achieve. However, with some work and persistence, having the elements unite as one is a recipe for a handsome and head-turning face.

But it is also worth noting that not all men can rock a beard as it is a style fitting for those gifted with a beautiful bone structure. But which beard fade styles should men try wearing today? Here are some ideas.

1. Long-Faded Beard

The long faded beard is a style that looks good on any face. It is a good idea to grow your beard for at least a month to achieve the desired length. Meanwhile, men should trim the beard style to a uniform length and blend it into the sideburns.

The beard can be left longer at the chin and trimmed to create a point. The only downside to the long-faded beard is the effort it should take to maintain it properly. Men must spend a few minutes periodically to ensure it looks organised and unruly.

2. Mid-Length Faded Beard

Mid-length faded beard is a style suitable for men with round face shapes. Many beard styles can complement a round face shape, but a mid-length faded beard is an excellent option if you’re looking for a stylish and modern look.

The beard style features a short to medium-length beard that is faded on the sides and slightly longer on the chin. The faded effect helps to create a slimming effect on the face, while the longer chin helps to balance out the roundness of the face.

3. Short-Faded Beard

The short-faded beard style is short in length and faded on the sides. The beard is trimmed short around the sides and back of the head, while the chin is left with a short beard. Being a popular choice for men who want a stylish yet low-maintenance look, it is a simple yet achievable look.

4. Skin Fade Beard

The skin fade beard style is a modern take on the traditional short-faded style. The beard is trimmed very short on the sides and back of the head, while the chin is left with a short beard. The result is a clean and sharp look that is perfect for men who want a modern and stylish look.

How to Maintain the Faded Beard

The faded beard style is a low-maintenance look that is easy to achieve and maintain. It is perfect for those who want a beard that is easy to maintain and does not require a lot of styling. It is also an excellent option for those looking to add some contrast to their facial hair.

A faded beard is an excellent option if you want a beard style that will make you stand out from the crowd. Once you have achieved the desired look, you can use a beard trimmer to tidy up the edges and give the beard a more polished appearance.


The faded beard style is a versatile look that anyone can wear. Whether you’re looking for a low-maintenance style or want to add some contrast to your facial hair, the faded beard is an excellent option.

No matter how you wear it, the faded beard is a stylish and sophisticated look that will turn heads. Therefore, if you’re looking for a new beard style to try, give the faded beard a shot and see where it takes you.

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