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Growing a full beard is an excellent symbol of masculinity. As equal parts imposing and elegant, a well-kept mane is a great way to sport a more mature look. However, not everyone can grow a full beard of hair.

Every gentleman going through a beard-growing journey will have a different experience with their facial hair. Some people are lucky enough to have the right spots for proper beard growth, but others aren’t as unfortunate. If you’re one of the unlucky ones, your beard looks incomplete with a missing patch of hair.

Dealing with a Patchy Beard

Unfortunately, getting a patchy beard is mostly out of your control. While diet and lifestyle choices can lead to sparse facial hair growth, their presence ultimately depends on genetics. If you don’t have the right beard growing genes, you may not get a full beard naturally. Thankfully, that doesn’t mean you’re left without any options.

If you’re lucky enough to have a patchy beard, here are three solutions you can try:

1. Grow Out Your Beard Before Trimming

Sometimes, a patchy beard only looks bad because you’re trimming the wrong places. While every gentleman’s beard growing journey is unique, you should see which areas need more volume than others. For this reason, it’s best to let your beard grow out first before removing hair in excess.

Even if you plan to keep a short and tight beard, letting your beard hair roam free is a great way to discover your styling options. As you grow your beard, don’t forget to maintain your facial care routines so you can still look neat and presentable.

2. Practice Proper Beard Hygiene

Besides your genes, your beard’s growth will also depend on your face and hair’s health. Sometimes, patchy beards can be a result of your negligence. This is why you should invest in a healthy beard grooming routine.

Keep in mind that your beard also needs a shampoo and conditioner, with some products offering beard-specific benefits. This is necessary to hydrate and strengthen your hair while preventing dandruff or dry skin. Additionally, you can add beard oil to moisturize your beard hair for a fuller look.

3. Look for an Another Beard Style

Since every person has a unique facial hair growth pattern, you need to accept your limitations under specific looks. Even if you wish to have a full beard, that doesn’t mean you can force your beard hair to grow a certain way. This is why you should learn to look for different styles that fit your unique beard hair growth.

There’s more than one way to grow and keep a beard. In fact, some beard styles fit naturally for people with patchy beards. You could prefer something with less volume, like a goatee or a light stubble. These options typically highlight your facial features without staying completely bare. If you’re unsure about the style you should pick, you can consult with your barber regarding your specific face shape.

Find a Professional Barber for Your Beard Care Needs!

You may find the solution to a patchy beard with the suggestions above, or you may seek out answers elsewhere. If you’re still unsure about your beard care routine, it’s best to work with the experts for the right advice. This is why our expert barbers are trained to give you more than just a clean look. Besides treating a gentleman’s hair, our expert haircutters are also ready to help you in your beard-growing journey.

At Robbie’s Chop Shop, we make sure all gentlemen feel comfortable dealing with their styling and grooming needs. Our expert barbers can give you the confidence you need to rock your new look! If you need a beard trim in Adelaide, book a visit with us today!

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