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Besides presenting themselves well in public, men should also learn how to master the art of grooming. Other than hygiene, having good grooming skills helps people stand out during social gatherings and events where interaction takes place. Overall, it leaves a good impression—making the best memories for people you meet.

Times have changed since society scrutinised men for spending too much time on fixing themselves. Today, good hygiene and grooming skills are both acceptable for all genders. Learning the craft is a vital step in maintaining a good image. But which grooming skills should men focus on in the first place?

1. Smell Nice

Smelling nice has got to be constant. Even though you can’t smell yourself, it doesn’t mean others can’t. It’s a good habit to ensure you smell nice before leaving the house every day. If you sweat a lot, using an antiperspirant may help eliminate the chances of producing too much sweat throughout the day. Meanwhile, if you don’t sweat too much, you should still add a layer of protection by wearing a deodorant. 

It’s also nice to practice using excellent colognes or body sprays to keep smelling fresh throughout the day. However, be careful in choosing your scent. Make sure that the smell is not too intimidating or strong enough to hurt other people’s nostrils. It’s best to stick with neutral notes that can be both feminine or masculine smelling.

2. Clip Long Nails

Fingernails and toenails are common hygiene issues encountered by men. For some reason, they always seem to forget to clip their nails no matter how free their schedules are. It leaves a wrong impression on other people, especially if the nails consist of dirt underneath.

Try scheduling a nail trim session to ensure you won’t forget to clean your nails once in a while. It’s best to cut your nails at least once a week to avoid overgrowth and make them look unhygienic. By having short nails, you don’t only keep them looking good, but you also prevent the risks of having ingrown nails, which are painful if you don’t take care of them immediately.

3. Trim Nose or Ear Hair

Nose and ear hair poking out of their holes are disturbing occurrences for other people. Add trimming of your nose and ear hair on your checklist for things to do every weekend. Investing in a good electric trimmer should do the trick since all you have to do is run the device and let it do its job.

In effect, people will be less worried when they’re trying to start a conversation with you, as they will not be bothered by strands of hair poking out of their dedicated holes. However, remember not to consider waxing to remove nose and ear hairs as they prevent small particles from entering your body.

4. Prevent Bad Breath

Bad breath is a common occurrence for everyone, not only with men. It comes from bacteria thriving in someone’s mouth after eating food and gathering remains stuck between teeth. However, it may also occur from people skipping meals at least once a day.

To prevent developing bad breath, make sure to brush your teeth, cheeks, and tongue before leaving the house. It also helps to floss every after brush and use mouthwash to ensure you don’t leave any bacteria behind to reproduce. Chewing on gum also helps in making sure your breath stays fresh throughout the day.

5. Moisturise Every Day

Since society views men as the epitome of masculinity, it is weird to spend much time on skincare. However, the products you use should know no gender—everyone should take care of their skin regardless of their identity. 

Moisturising every day does not only prevent the skin from drying up too much, but it also gives men a subtle glow and healthy-looking skin manifesting as light bounces off their faces.

It’s Time to Clean Up Your Act

Good hygiene should be part of maintaining a good style. Although most people only see how men wear their clothes, it’s still crucial to maintain proper hygiene at all times. By following the standard grooming practices above, men should have no excuse in looking, smelling, and feeling the part.

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