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Hair grooming is essential for any person because unkempt hair leaves a bad impression on anyone a person can meet, be it an old friend or a stranger. For men, hair grooming is more crucial because messy hair can lessen the chances of getting a date. No one would want that, not even you.

Gone are the days where men were expected to wear very short hairstyles. Nowadays, short haircuts and long, flowing locks alike can now be worn by men without judgement. Different places have their own unique approaches to haircuts, but none come close to Australia.

You can spot a variety of gentlemen sporting a wide range of hairstyles because the country is in a league of its own when it comes to unique hairstyles. One such example is the mullet, which can now be seen in every corner of the world.

In this article, we list down the ideal hairstyles that Australian men can get for themselves. The best thing about these styles is that you can manage to do them on your own. Read on below to learn more.

The Classic Scissor Cut

This hairstyle isn’t called “classic” just for show. The barber will use nothing but a pair of scissors to style your hair. To style it at home, apply a texture spray, gently towel dry your hair, and apply grooming cream.

The Skin Fade Crop

One of the most popular haircuts for Australian men is the skin fade crop, which is also considered the pinnacle of modern haircuts in the country.

As the name suggests, it’s a haircut that exposes a fair amount of skin on one top side of the head with a short hairstyle, which is the crop. You can get a skin fade as short as possible on the side with a textured crop on top. Alternatively, you can also use a matte clay type of product to towel-dried hair and manually work it with your hands until you get the desired look at home.

The Slicked Back

The slicked-back hairstyle is also popular because any man can get it, regardless of age. It’s an incredibly versatile hairstyle that’s sure to grab the attention of people, should you be in a corporate or casual setting.

However, you need to have a fair bit of hair before making the look work. Ask your barber to shorten the back and sides and push them back to the top. At home, simply apply pomade to towel-dried hair and comb for style. For a more natural look, you can comb your hair using your fingers.

The Gentleman’s Cut

From its name alone, you know that it’s a suave, sophisticated haircut, which is also why many guys go for it in the first place.

To achieve this cut, ask your barber to fade from a 1 on the back and sides. Afterwards, let them blend it up to a side part. After that, push it up and to the back and side to the top. For home styling, use a matte cream of pomade on towel-dried hair and comb it, depending on your preference.

The Mohawk Mullet

Since we’re talking Australian hairstyles, this list won’t be complete without the mullet. Ask your barber for a 4/5 on the top and sides. For the sides, a tight burst fade must be applied. If you want more freedom with styling, then you can ask for the back to be tapered out.

Mullets are known to be low-maintenance. However, for mullet-wearers who simply can’t live without hair styling options, simply apply texture powder and style it with your hands.

Get the Right Hairstyle from Our Reliable Barbers!

Different face shapes suit different face shapes, so you’d do well to analyse what works best for your face shape. If you choose a hairstyle that goes well with your face shape, then you can guarantee that you will make a striking first impression on anyone you’ll ever encounter.

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