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Undercuts are certainly a unique hairstyle, whether it’s slicked back like Brad Pitt in Fury or perhaps swept at the side like the Peaky Blinders. However, it doesn’t exactly suit every head or face shape. It’s a rather high-maintenance cut as well, often lasting only a few weeks before it starts to look awkward.

Perhaps you’ve decided that an undercut isn’t quite the right fit for you, or maybe you’re just aiming for a new look. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a while before your visit to the barber shop because undercuts aren’t exactly easy to change right away—unless you plan to shave it all off or get a buzz cut.

It’ll take a while for you to grow out your undercut and change it into a more versatile and blended hairstyle. While you’re at it, check out this step-by-step guide to growing out your undercut and changing it into a blended cut.

Step 1: Know the Type of Undercut You Have

Knowing the type of undercut you have will help you understand what you need to grow out. Growing these areas out will make it easier for your barber to blend in the hair and give you a fresher look. 

If you have a full undercut wherein the sides all around the head are shaved or trimmed short, then you’ll have to let the sides completely grow out. You have to let the hair at the sides grow long enough to blend with the top portion. If you have lines shaved in the disconnected parts, it’ll take more time for hair to grow in those lines.

You may have also gotten an undercut done on just one side of your head. In this case, you’ll have to focus more on the length of the hair on the disconnected side of the head. It needs to be long enough for the barber to easily blend it with the other side once it’s cut.

Step 2: Let It Grow and Consider Your Next Hairstyle

You can usually tell that the hair is long enough to blend when you can hold the hair in your fingers. If you grow it even longer, then it will be much easier for your barber to blend the undercut. However, you’ll also have to consider what style you’re going for on your next haircut. 

If you want to get a shorter cut at the top portion of your head, it may take a little less time to get the hair at the sides long enough to easily blend. However, if you want to keep the hair at the top long, it may take a little longer to get rid of the disconnect.

If you’re opting for a clean shave or a buzz cut, then you don’t have to wait to grow your undercut out too much. It’s a quick and easy way to get rid of your former look!

Step 3: Book Another Appointment with the Barber

Growing out a high-maintenance cut like the undercut is a bit of an inconvenience. Your hair may look awkward after just a few weeks, but you can ask your barber to keep the neckline looking clean as you continue growing out your undercut. If you’ve grown it out enough, then you can try out another fresh style!

Keeping Your Hair in Style

The undercut remains a popular haircut for men, especially when they have attractive fades and clean shaves. However, maintaining an undercut can prove to be quite a challenge, so many choose to grow it out and get another cut instead. With this guide in mind, you can grow your undercut better and make it easier to keep your hair looking its best.

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