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Visiting the barbershop consistently is the ultimate key to looking fresh and well-groomed. Men are allowed to care about their looks, after all. You’ll want to ensure those sideburns stay well-maintained and hair in a manageable length, as these also help keep your confidence intact.

The question remains, however—just how often should you be visiting your barber? Every head is different, making it difficult to know the exact timeline. Scheduling your barbershop visit will largely depend on multiple factors. This includes how fast your hair grows, the services you wish to get done, and how serious you are about maintaining a specific look. 

To help you get the timing right, however, we’ve created this quick guide for you. Here, we answer your frequently asked questions:

How long should one wait in between haircuts?

Knowing when you should head back to your barbers can be tricky, especially since it depends on your individual needs. You also need to take your hair type and style preferences into account. 

Some people make sure to visit the barbershop weekly to maintain their look, which keeps any wayward hairs away. This is especially true for shorter cuts, such as buzz cuts, skin fades, and even crew cuts. These styles call for frequent barbershop visits, especially since the hair will grow out quicker than others. 

Others opt to get these styles touched up every 2 weeks, but if you wish to wait a little longer to redo your style, getting a haircut every month or 2 will do. 

What are some telltale signs you need to visit the barber?

It may be tempting to search for a barbershop near you at the moment, but make sure that you’re ready for a cut before proceeding. Certain signs tell you an appointment is necessary, especially in the wake of a pandemic. Here are some signs to watch out for:

  • Your hair has grown shaggy, especially when the neckline or side part now looks untamable, even with gel or wax.
  • You have split and dry ends, all of which need to be trimmed as soon as possible.
  • Your hair has seemingly taken a life of its own, especially since it’s growing out at the weirdest angles.
  • Your hair now feels heavy yet completely flat, without the volume you want to help style and shape it better.
  • You need to get a clean cut for a special occasion or event
  • You simply need a change of hairstyles 

More often than not, a quick haircut is all you need to ensure proper maintenance. Such times focus only on the back and sides of the hair, which are almost always noticeable as it grows up. Any out of place hairs will also be dealt with, especially those that have become too dry and split. Trimming keeps your hair healthy!

The Bottom Line

Knowing when to visit the barber can be difficult to establish, but we hope that the answers given above will help you set a schedule that works. You’ll need to consider your style preferences, maintenance needs, and above all, hair growth. At the end of the day, however, it all comes down to feeling and looking your best!

If you’re on the hunt for a barbershop in Adelaide offering cool haircuts for men, Robbie’s Chop Shop is the place for you. We are a traditional barbershop with a modern twist, always making sure that your fades and shaves remain fresh. Feel like a million bucks—book an appointment today!

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