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Matching your beard with your face shape is the natural way of doing things. While that sounds easy enough as there are only a few types of face shapes, choosing the right hairstyle that will match your beard is a different matter entirely. Both your hair and your beard style will ultimately dictate the overall shape of your face, so it only makes sense to focus on matching them as well. Here’s what you need to know about matching different hair and beard trim styles to determine what looks best for you.

Hairstyles and Their Corresponding Beard Styles

You can actually be quite creative in matching different hair and beard styles together. It really depends on your preferences and what kind of look you’re going for. However, to make things easy, here are different hairstyles and their corresponding beard trims that would look good with them.

Bald – Let’s start with the most basic look: having a simple and unadorned bald head. Going for the bald look is actually one of the simplest because it allows you to rock practically any type of beard you like. Think of it as a blank canvas that’s plain enough that it won’t clash with any kind of facial hair you decide to grow. You can even change your beard style every few months just to spice things up.

Short and Neat – If you’re the type of person who likes to maintain a short and neat ‘do, then a short and a well-kempt beard will also work best with you. Going for that stubble look or something slightly longer is your best bet. Alternatively, you can also try getting a very short goatee with some angular lines if you want to play it a little differently. Just remember to trim and style your beard regularly if you want to maintain a consistent look.

Long and Unruly – On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have long and unruly hairstyles. People who like to let their hair grow long will also have a lot of choices in terms of beard styles. You can basically pull off any style you want. But a long thick beard almost always works best with long hair. They can be quite a handful to maintain since it’s doubling the length of hair you need to take care of, but all the effort you put into it is worth all the trouble. Your friends will be pretty envious of your look since not very many people are endowed with the ability to grow both their hair and beard long. Be thankful for it and wear it proudly whenever you can!

Shaggy and Thick – Having shaggy and thick hair goes pretty much the same as having long and unruly hair. You basically just need to complement the thickness of your hair by growing a full beard. Imagine your face being sandwiched between a thick head of hair and a full mane of facial hair. This is also a little bit hard to pull off and requires a lot of care and maintenance if you want to maintain both your hair and beard. Use a beard balm to help you style your beard in a way that enhances the natural wave and style of your hair.


Growing a beard and styling your hair should go hand in hand if you want to make the most out of your look and your chosen style. You should always aim for that sense of harmony so you’ll feel a lot more confident and sure of what you want for your look.

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