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Growing a long beard is one thing; maintaining and grooming it is another. Therefore, as the trend for increasing beards in men continues, our male subjects need to learn many things to make beards look good despite how chaotic it becomes. Here are some of the best practices men should try for beard grooming at home.

1. Maintain Clean Lines

Maintaining a well-groomed beard is all about keeping yourself away from looking like an unkempt vagrant. Therefore, make sure to trim your beard and other body parts, like the pubic area, to keep things in order.

Begin with your cheeks and chin, properly trimming the hair to be at a manageable and uniform length. Once done, go on to the neck and the lower part of the face. You can opt to use a pair of clippers and a beard trimmer or simply use scissors to trim away anything that appears to be unnecessary or just a little too long. Follow this with a good towel dry and a dab of balm or oil to keep your hair soft and healthy.

2. Avoid Unruly Baby Hairs

Baby hairs can be part of your beard’s charm. However, we need to keep those at bay. Therefore, as you groom your beard, make sure to keep baby hairs in check. By doing this, you can keep the beard from looking unruly.

Trimming the beard with a set of clippers is an excellent way to maintain the baby hair. You may opt to use a comb, but you can proceed with a pair of scissors if that fails. Otherwise, you can use hair clippers to shave off the extra hair.

3. Remember to Hydrate

Beard grooming is a lot easier when you stay hydrated. Beard hair keeps growing, and it can get greasy and look heavy if you do not properly moisturise. Moreover, you can use beard oil to keep your beard healthy. Keeping the hair hydrated can reduce breakages.

You can apply beard oil once every day. After waking up, use five drops in your palms and then rub them together. Massage it into your beard and face thoroughly to make sure it becomes moisturised. However, you can also opt for a beard wax or some beard balm to keep the beard under control.

4. Eat Healthily

If you want your beard to look great, you will need to ensure that your diet is on the right track. All the vitamins in the world can be kept in the food you eat. A healthy diet should include plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Not only will a healthy diet keep you from feeling bad, but it can also keep your beard looking good. Therefore, make sure to eat a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids and protein to achieve healthier and stronger hair.

5. Routinely Visit a Barber

Some men prefer to groom their beards. However, some prefer to see a professional barber who has more experience in knowing how to style a beard and keep it looking neat. Achieve a professional look by visiting your barber or a beauty salon.

To Finish Up

Grooming your beard is essential for keeping up with the latest trends. Aside from your hair and body, it may just be your most prized possession. Make sure to do it the right way—for the sake of your facial hair and the rest of your body.

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