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When men start the journey of growing their beards and taking care of them, one of the most surprising realisations you will come to is that there are many things to learn about facial hair. Most beard experts and facial hair connoisseurs can attest that there are all sorts of pearls of wisdom to learn out there!

Over the past few decades, many lessons concerning beards have been thrown back and forth. From maintenance and beard trimming to growing and shaving, lessons like “invest in beard balm” and “pair your moustache with facial fuzz” show that there is much for men to learn. A quick search online will provide you with an endless number of lessons to help you dive deeper into the world of facial hair growth and refer you to various articles—such as this one!

However, there’s one aspect of bearded learning that many beginners and expert growers alike overlook: common myths.

Common Beard Misconceptions to Stop Believing

If you’re someone concerned with how well your beard grows, then you’ve most likely taken it upon yourself to learn about the hair on your face. Although many factoids you’ll come across do present valid points, it’s also worth noting that there are some things you should not take to heart. 

Actually, there are probably a handful of “learning points” that you’ve fallen for and need to unlearn as soon as possible. Let’s go over the different myths you should avoid falling for: 

Myth #1: Your Facial Hair Will Stop Growing When You Reach Your Early 20s

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Here’s something you should know about your beard and aging: beards age like fine wine—they don’t stop growing and only improve as you grow older. While nobody knows where exactly this misconception came from, you won’t need to worry because your beard is likely to thicken up even as you head into your 40s or even 50s! 

Myth #2: Your Beard Hair Grows Back Thicker If You Shave It 

Ah yes, the classic saying used by anyone that wants to rush into the experience of having a beard. Here’s some bad news if you believed it: this is nothing more than just wishful thinking.

When you shave your beard before growing it back out, you may end up with something that looks thicker and darker than what you had pre-cut. However, the truth is that shaving before growing only blunts the ends of your facial hair, hence the resulting look.

Myth #3: You Don’t Need a Barber to Keep a Good Beard

While there are many do’s and don’ts when it comes to growing a beautiful, bushy beard, the one mistake you have to avoid is skipping trips to the barber.

If you want your facial hair to grow to its fullest potential, you’ll need to link up with a traditional barbershop or beard maestro that will help keep everything in shape with an occasional trim and shape. By visiting Robbie’s Chop Shop, you can ensure that your prized facial crown gets all the TLC it needs to grow as well as it should.

Take Better Care of Your Beard With Robbie’s Chop Shop

Although there is much to learn when cultivating your facial hair and ensuring that it looks as impressive as possible, there are also things you need to unlearn—which it’s vital to remain mindful of common misconceptions. By watching out for the three myths mentioned above, you can prevent making any mistakes that can hinder the growth of your beard!

If you’re looking for a beard barber in Australia that can take care of your facial hair grooming needs, Robbie’s Chop Shop is the place to be. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment!

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