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Our beards are our pride and pleasure, an important part of our personal brand, and for some of us, the only reason we get noticed in bars. It’s critical to arrive at the barbershop prepared with the right questions to prevent leaving with a hacked-up beard and deflated self-confidence. We’ll go through a couple of the things you may ask your barber when you walk in for a trim, but first, a short pro-tip.

Bring a picture of a style that is similar to the one you want. This will avoid any confusion that may arise when you describe the appearance you have in your brain while the barber attempts to duplicate it on his own.

1. What Style Do You Suggest?

Distinct haircuts, facial shapes, and lifestyles may all result in different beard styles when you go in for a trim. Asking your barber for advice is important if you want to leave the salon ready to confront whatever the following few weeks or months have in store. Bonus tip: Expectations change when applying for a financial career vs an interview for a lumberjack position.

2. How Long Can I Have This Style Before Needing To Trim It Again?

It’s always important to know where you stand in terms of trimming or needing to plan for a full beard “shave down.” Knowing your beard’s growing pattern will help you figure out exactly how long you can ride this style before a trim is necessary.

3. What Trimming Tools Do You Recommend For Best Results?

If you already have a razor at home, then you know the importance of a fresh blade. If you don’t, it’s good to ask your barber what they recommend. There’s nothing more embarrassing than walking out of the barbershop and feeling like you got a bad beard trim because you couldn’t get the right tools to ensure it had the best results.

4. What Products Do You Recommend For Beard Maintenance?

If there are any specific products you have in mind, now is the time to ask your barber if they are the right products for whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish. If you don’t have anything specific, try asking your barber for a list of products and brands they would recommend given a breakdown of why.

5. What Haircut Best Fits My Beard Style?

If you have a beard, it’s important to have a complementary haircut to accentuate your beard style. Though it’s always a good idea to keep your haircut long enough to style along with the length of your beard, having a specific cut in mind can be a good way to ensure you get the best results.

Start Your Beard Journey With the Right Questions

Asking questions is a great way to get the process started and make sure you’re getting the best possible end result, but ultimately it’s on you to be aware of what’s going on and make sure you’re getting the look you want. Asking questions is a great start, and getting to know your barber can lead to you getting a visit that doesn’t just result in a great-looking beard but the opportunity to start a relationship with someone who knows more than just how to trim a beard.

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