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Rocking the silver look isn’t only for the oldies—young people can do it too. As a trend, sporting grey hair is the best way to change someone’s look by changing hair colour. But for people growing out grey hair at an early age, treat it as a blessing in disguise.

Naturally, the production of grey hair is due to the lack of melanin in people’s locks. Melanin is the pigment that deciphers or dictates the colour of a person’s coat and skin. As people grow older, the supply of melanin slowly declines, which results in the growth of grey hair. But what can people do when grey hairs start appearing out of thin air? Here are some ideas.

1. Focus Hair Care on the Beard

One of the primary causes of grey hair is excessive hydrogen peroxide production in the hair follicles, which leads to oxidative stress and greying. As a result, men tend to experience having grey hair on their beards more than any part of the body.

Although hydrogen peroxide in the hair follicles, especially in the beard, is inevitable, men can still take care of their hair while natural oxidation occurs. By subscribing to an effective hair care routine, men should slow down hydrogen peroxide production in the roots to continue growing their natural hair colour.

But as of writing, there isn’t an approved medical approach to solve the issue, and people can only stick to their trusted hair care routines.

2. Be Aware of Colour-Changing Food

Having a grey-coloured beard comes with various limitations. People who love to eat food with bright colours or may discolour a grey beard might not be capable of eating the food they love the most moving forward. 

Men who have grown a grey beard should also learn to be more careful while eating as their beards can easily get splashed on with food residues that may change the colour for a short period. If you’d like to continue eating the food you love, it’s probably best to change your eating habits and practices to protect your beard from possible discolouration.

3. Remember to Condition Hair

Conditioning the hair isn’t only for women; it’s also for men. Although it would take people another step in the shower, conditioning the hair helps it replenish the lost vitamins and minerals due to sun exposure and constant sweating. As a result, the hair grows more potent and better while maintaining its beautiful shine through its ends.

For men, choose the conditioning product that suits your scalp’s condition. If you have an oily scalp, it’s best to select a conditioner made to treat oily scalp. For men with dandruff, picking an anti-dandruff conditioner should stop the itch while helping the hair grow to its full potential.

4. Adjust Your Wardrobe

Grey is an easy colour to match. If you’re not fond of wearing clothes with bright colours, now’s the time to do colour blocking to highlight your beard’s colour further. Overall, it isn’t challenging to choose the colours that would complement your hair or beard. It’s all about mixing up the style and knowing what’s best for you.

5. Trust in the Process

Lastly, it’s always about being confident and owning your look. Rocking grey hair shouldn’t depend on people’s expectations of you. Instead, it should be your discretion on which styles look best for you. It’s always nice to trust the process and let it go.

Silver Hair, Don’t Care

Going back to a more natural hair colour will always be an option for people who have grown grey hair early. However, before switching back, make sure to try and own the look first, or you might have regrets in the future. Remember to always go to a barbershop to ask barbers to do a beard grooming service for you while you’re rocking silver locks.

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