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Growing out hair can be a dream of many men. It makes them stand out in the crowd and leaves a more memorable impression on people. Moreover, it also signifies a guy’s commitment to pursuing something that he wants and the confidence to wear it in public. However, not all that dream to sport this look have the guts to do so. 

More often than not, it is because they are clueless about maintaining them healthy and silky. If you want to try something new for a change and grow your hair long, here are some simple steps that could help you keep it in good condition:

Wash It with Lukewarm Water

Washing hair is crucial for healthy scalp and hair strands, but you should also be mindful of the kind of water you use on it. When rinsing the hair, it is ideal to use lukewarm water, as the warmth can open the cuticles of your hair. That way, your shampoo can penetrate deeper and remove all the dirt and oil in it. At the same time, it can absorb other products you use in your hair, like the conditioner. 

Use the Right Product for Your Hair Texture

Different hair products exist for specific purposes, and sometimes it is the only solution you need to keep your long hair in shape. Learn what kind of hair and scalp you have and find the product that meets your needs. 

While we cannot tell you what products you should use, one thing is for sure—avoid hair products that contain harsh ingredients. Watch out for silicones and sulphates, which can immediately dry out your hair.

Do Not Forget to Condition

With previously shorter hair, you’ve probably skipped this part. However, if you grow your hair, it’s important to condition it regularly. This helps you keep it nourished, smooth, and moisturised, as well as prevent the development of split-ends. By controlling the split-ends, you can grow it longer while maintaining its healthier look.

Avoid Heat Styling If You Can

If unnecessary, try to avoid using a hair straighter and dryer. Heat can only damage your hair, causing it to break or develop split ends. Moreover, the heat can deplete the moisture from the inside of your hair strand. The last thing you want is to sport long, dry hair, so try to naturally dry your hair and only use such tools if needed.

Use a Wide-Toothed Comb 

Long hair is prone to tangle. If you have curly, wavy, or thick hair, the correct type of comb will affect your hair texture. The best comb to use is a wide-toothed one. Because of its wider gap, detangling hair without causing hair breakage is more manageable to do. 

The wide-tooth comb also has reduced friction compared to the standard fine-toothed comb, making it the more gentle type to use. To avoid too many tangles, consider combing your hair while it is still wet, but make sure to do it gently. 

Regularly Trim It

Even though you are growing your hair, it is vital to have it trimmed regularly. Doing it can remove any split-ends in your hair, encouraging your hair to grow longer. Furthermore, it helps your hair look healthier. 

When split-ends are not removed, it prevents your hair from growing, and it also brings further damage to your mane. 


Growing your hair is not something that you should worry about. This article equipped you with the essential tips that could help you ensure your hair’s healthy growth, so keep these tips in mind and implement them. Now, you can grow your hair for as long as you want!

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